Martin Mars Bomber

Known as the world's largest flying boat, the Mars have long been a stable in the BC Forest Fire Fighting aresenal. Today the Mars planes are no longer contracted however the Hawaii Mars is fully capable of being called to action if need be.  This aircraft is capable of scooping up to 27 tons of water off the lake surface at one time. At present both the Phillipine Mars and Hawaii Mars are at Sproat Lake and periodically one or both of them will be placed on the water for short periods of time. Over the summer of 2016 the Hawaii Mars will be used for some special flights for people wanting to fly the plane as part of their own bucket list of things to do. 

The best way to see the plane if it isn't on the water is to contact Sproat Lake Landing and arrange to travel out there in the Drinkwater IV Tugboat. They take people on 90 minute lake tours and of course the viewing of the Martin Mars is important for that. Find them at: