#PurchasedInPA - Don't buy from Strangers

Sunday, December 1, 2019 - 9:15am to Tuesday, December 31, 2019 - 5:15pm

What is #PurchasedInPA all about? 

It’s all about SHOPPING LOCAL – Supporting Local Business – Reminding people through a reward -based system about the importance of maintaining relationships with our neighbours.

How it works:

·       Business PROVIDES the program with one or more $100.00 valued Gift Cards/Certificates

·       For EACH Gift card received the Chamber purchases a $25.00 valued Gift Card. *

·       Each participating business will be PROMOTED through the  local media – The Peak 93.3 throughout December with multiple mentions. NEW THIS YEAR

·       Each business will receive a wrapped box for entries to the contest. Businesses will be encouraged to collect entry ballots throughout December. NEW THIS YEAR

·       #ExplorePortAlberni is participating in the program this year. Each Thursday in December (prior to Christmas) they will do a draw from entries then selecting a local shopper who will be awarded a Gift Basket containing up to FIVE of the $100.00 gift cards, upwards of $50.00 worth of Port Alberni Recreation Passes and SWAG from #ExplorePortAlberni. NEW THIS YEAR

·       On Tuesday, December 31st the Chamber will draw a winner from the group of people who’ve been ‘Caught’ shopping locally through December. That person will win a Gift Basket containing Chamber Swag, a locally produced Game-Board, recreation passes and up to FIVE local $100.00 gift cards. NEW THIS YEAR

·       Throughout December starting on or about December 1st our staff and volunteers will embark on a tour through town stopping at the participating businesses to locate people supporting the business through purchases. A lucky person will be awarded the $25.00 gift card for that business that they can use immediately or at a future date. 

·       All participating businesses will be entered into a DRAW for a $1500.00 valued Media Kit provided by #ExplorePortAlberni . Any business that provides multiple gift cards will be entered into the draw a corresponding number of times. NEW THIS YEAR

o   Media program will be coordinated between the winner and #ExplorePortAlberni with it most likely being developed in the Spring of 2020.

·       Social Media will be used extensively throughout the Program with posts leveraged by the Chamber, CPA, #ExplorePortAlberni and the Businesses/Winners themselves. 

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The Chamber is pleased to be working with the City of Port Alberni, #ExplorePortAlberni 93.3 The Peak and the AV News with this program  * Funding for the program is a collective effort

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