Friday, December 1, 2017 - 9:00am

Welcome to Port Alberni's Try Home First - Shop Local Program. It's very unqiue! 

Every November we visit 100 or more local businesses to encourage them to participate. Most do, in fact, almost every business opts in!

To participate the business provides us with a $100.00 gift certificate/card and in turn we 'Purchase' a $25.00 gift certificate/card

Early December and through late November we market the program so that the community becomes aware of what's about to happen.

For 2017 both the AV News and The Peak 93.3 are working with us to assist in promotion of the event

Starting December 1 and continuing through December 24th our team will visit with each participating business with a goal of finding a customer making a purchase.

The Customer will then be approached by Store Management (if available) and AVCOC staff at which point the customer is advised of the reasons for the approach

The Customer will receive the $25.00 gift card for their use either immediately or at a future date - their choice of course

The Customer will then provide us with their name and contact information and our staff will also get the names/contact information for others nearby

Those names are then held through December and then in early January we draw names - love on the Peak 93.3 to select the 'winners' of the major prizes. 

Prizes are determined by the number of Gift Cards Collected. As example: In the 2016 Season we had 93 businesses participate and through them we received 98 X $100. value gifts cards. Some businesses choose to provide more than one gift card. Because of that we distributed winnings via a first prize of $2500., 2nd prize of $2000., 3rd prize of $1500., 4th prize of $1000., 5th prize of $500., and 23 other prizes of $100.

Cool eh! These businesses in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce choose to reward local shoppers for doing exactly that. Total prize value for the 2016 season was $12,250. - just for supporting local businesses.